process map


1. Vignette Worksheet

Please let us know which Spaces/Rooms you want us to create Vignettes for, and who will Narrate each.

We can also create Vignettes for a concept, like “Excellence” for example. If that is something you would like, name the concept in the “space/room” column.

Lastly, we can create “Presentations” like an IB or AP Presentation. This would be more informative in nature and would incorporate slides in place of video footage. If this is something that would be of value to you, name the presentation in the “space/room” column.

2. Pre-Interview Narrators

We will create a script for each Narrator based on their questionnaire answers and their phone/video interview.

We have created an online questionnaire to get some background information before the interview.

We will be emailing each Narrator a link to the questionnaire below: