Fellow Gamblers, welcome to another wonderful year of fun, gambling and hockey. Though we may hate each other on the Fantasy ice, it is a treasure that when the final whistle blows, we can share a pitcher of Coors Banquet and collectively cheer every time the Oilers beat the Flames.

We hope that you enjoy the changes that we have implemented this year. I for one am really excited about the “Top Shelfer” Weekly Award. Good luck to everyone, (to an extent, I don’t actually hope any of you win).

After the year we had, I think we can all agree that we are done with the word Unprecedented. But before we retire it, let’s congratulate Jama!ca on the unprecedented collusive trade that lead to his Championship*. Let’s toast Mike for convincing the most traditional group of brown people I have ever met to trying an unprecedented draft style, the Auction draft. And let’s wish GM Keith a speedy return as he unprecedentedly becomes the first GM to draft from Mexico.

This year will be fun, but I cannot wait until we can share a pitcher at the next live draft.

Raj Patel


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