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Band Concerts, Bikeathon, Cappies, Journalism, Climate Club, CrossFit™ Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, Fine Arts Profile Nights, Gaming Club, Grad & Student Councils, Grad Council, International Thespian Society, Math Team, Model UN Club, Musical Theatre Production, Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA), Reach for the Top Team, Ski & Snowboard Club, Spirit Team, STARK Poetry Club, Student Council, Tech Club, Terry Fox Run, Yearbook Club


Student Services

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Student Services

Student Services is based out of the Bellerose Student Centre.  A space where students can visit to connect with our counsellors, work experience coordinator and work or self regulate throughout the day.

Our Student Services team provides information and direction concerning academic, educational, occupational, personal and post-secondary decisions. Students are seen on a self-referral basis; however administrators, teachers and parents may also make referrals. Counsellor appointments are suggested for both students and parents, in order to minimize the amount of class time missed. Individual and family support is available to assist with personal issues, study skills, time management, peer relations and goal setting. Scholarship information and post-secondary events are updated and advertised on a regular basis. Students can obtain assistance in completing post-secondary applications and are given tools and resources for self-exploration of scholarship opportunities.

Off Campus Experiences

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Work Experience 15, 25, 35

The Work Experience Program consists of placing students in work stations within the community. The purpose of this activity is to familiarise students with the world of work, to give them the opportunity to explore careers, and to possibly open up opportunities for either apprenticeship programs or permanent placement. Supervision and evaluation are done by both the work experience coordinator and the work station supervisor.

Students may enter this program pre-employed (with a current job) or consult with the work experience coordinator to obtain employment. This course offers an excellent opportunity to experience what a career would be like without waiting to obtain required prerequisites outside of school. If you currently hold a part-time job, you are strongly encouraged to register for this course

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

RAP is an Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)-approved program that permits a high school student to register as an apprentice while attending high school; a RAP student is able to complete a high school diploma while starting a trade-specific career.

This opportunity is open to all grade levels, though Grades 11 and 12 are recommended. As this is a time-intensive course, early planning is of great benefit. It is advised that all students with an interest in the trades complete the required career investigation paperwork upon entry into high school to better prepare for their journey. This can be done virtually, however, consultation with the RAP coordinator is recommended.

Further information is available from the RAP coordinator or from a Bellerose school counsellor or administrator.


Dual credit is an authorised Alberta Education program that allows students to obtain secondary and post-secondary credits while still in high school. Currently, St Albert Public Schools is exploring opportunities that would support the diversity of our population and cater to students who aspire to complete advanced education while still attending Bellerose.

To many, dual credit can be perceived as getting a jump start on their post-secondary pursuits, while others may see it as a way to explore courses they may not normally take. Students are encouraged to explore and take risks, and can do so with no fiscal investment (compared to that of a normal post-secondary course).

Courses will be offered by a sessional post-secondary instructor with the support of a Divisional teacher, and are generally hosted online. Successful completion of the courses will result in (30-level) CTS credits being issued at the secondary level, and course credits being issued at the post-secondary level with an accompanying post-secondary transcript.

Courses are generally 45 hours in length with the course being offered 1 afternoon per week for 15 weeks.

For further information, please visit the Division Office webpage, at