New Classes



By Mike Hutchings

Astronomy is a course designed to give students an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the vastness of space. Through the use of hands-on activities, first-hand observations with astronomical tools (telescopes), demonstrations, and simulations, students will learn about the constantly changing sky above them. A knowledge of the historical models of astronomy and cosmology will be developed along with current knowledge about the position and motion of celestial objects. Throughout the program, students will enhance their scientific literacy and numeracy, along with problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

(6 credits)

Physical Education 10, 20, 30 +
High Performance Hockey 10, 20, 30

By JT Bartlett

This program is designed for competitive hockey athletes who are seeking an in-depth experience in the pursuit of excellence and development on and off the ice.  High Performance Hockey athletes will be exposed to elite coaching that will focus on the individualized growth and development of the fundamentals of the game of hockey.  High Performance Hockey athletes will be offered high quality on and off ice experiences, strength and conditioning development and cross training opportunities. Training will take place on site at Bellerose as well as off-site at specialized and elite training facilities.  Ensuring a comprehensive approach to both the on ice and off ice experiences, High Performance Hockey athletes will have the opportunity to develop skills and growth in areas such as, but not limited to mental training and understand the importance of nutrition and recovery in the pursuit of hockey excellence. 

The High Performance Hockey Program will offer a series of complementary instructors and various experiences relevant to PE-HP Hockey that will ensure all participants grow and develop into well rounded hockey players, athletes and student citizens.  Opportunities and  experiences include academic counseling, a Speaker Series, as well as various leadership opportunities in Bellerose and surrounding communities.

10 credits (5 PE, 5 CTS)

Physical Education 10, 20, 30
+ Health and Wellness

By Lori Olson-Johns 

Students selecting this course will receive credits in 10, 20 or 30. Female students and those identifying as female or non-binary are invited to particpate in this course. This class is structured to ensure movement and wellness is reflected in lessons, language and practices. Participants will build leadership experience and continue to explore the dimensions of Physical Education with a continued focus of daily participation, physical activity and wellness activities. Students will work towards developing positive connections with movement and wellness in a supportive environment.

(5 credits)

Sport and Entertainment Business Management

By Jeet Jermana

The Sports, Arts and Entertainment Business Management course will channel your passion for everything sports, arts, and entertainment through a curriculum that is current, engaging and challenging. This course will offer you experiences to build a foundation of business knowledge and leadership skills in creative, dynamic and practical settings. Students will explore the importance of budgeting, communication using industry specific techniques, marketing and promotions, as well as using business-related information technologies throughout this course. Additionally, students will apply these business management skills and principles to student-led projects supporting our Bulldog Athletics, Theatre Production, and Student Activities. No prerequisites required.

(5 credits)

Physical Education 10, 20, 30
+ High Performance Sport

By JT Bartlett

This course is designed for competitive, well-rounded student-athletes who are seeking an in-depth experience in the world of sports performance while also maintaining a healthy balance of daily physical activity and wellness. The course is designed to provide flexibility in and around a student’s own athletics schedule, while also providing tangible performance benefits that students can utilize. PE-HPS will also seek to provide external resources and guidance for athletes looking beyond high school and youth club sports and are potentially tracking towards a collegiate, junior and/or professional career post-graduation. A major component of this course will be out of school field trip experiences that will include but are not limited to the U of A Climbing Wall, the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic, a sports performance day hosted by the U of A and a varsity athletics game at one of Edmonton’s major institutions.

(6 credits)

Recreational Academy

By  Maria Thompson

The Recreation Academy provides students in grades 10 through 12 with an opportunity to explore a wide range of activities that go well beyond the typical school experience. This program is designed to invite all students of various abilities and interests to explore a variety of recreational activities, and allows each and every student to find a place of belonging and success. Rec Academy will provide quality experiences for all students; exposing them to a rich and dynamic scope of indoor and outdoor experiences. This program is geared to any and all individuals who want to be active and experience new and unique sports, adventures, activities and challenges.  This program will offer weekly field trips that include (but not limited to): wall climbing, biking, canoeing & paddling, golfing, swimming, team building – escape rooms, virtual reality, racquet sports, skiing & snowboarding, hiking, bowling, outdoor & wilderness training, archery, a wide variety of exercise classes (spin, boxing, HITT, etc), curling, field sports, wide space games, mixed martial arts, karate, and the opportunity to experience once in a lifetime seasonal trips. 

(5 credits)

Million Dollar Habits:
A Financial Literacy Course

By Mike Lang and Dawn White

Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Building wealth starts with understanding money and learning the skills needed to manage it correctly. In this brand new, one-of-a-kind course (exclusive to Bellerose), we will dive into the world of taxes, money management, and financial planning so you can be financially literate post high school. Here are some of the questions that will be answered. How do I complete my taxes? What are some easy money saving strategies? What is the stock market and how do I invest in it? What is a TFSA and RRSP savings account and when should I open them? What is an investment portfolio and how do I create a balanced one? These questions, and many more, will be discussed. As Warren Buffet once said, “the most important investment you can make is in yourself”, so join us because the younger you learn, the quicker you can become a millionaire.

(6 credits)

Language and Leadership

By Adrienne Donnelly

Language and Leadership is perfect for students interested in building leadership and volunteerism skills, looking to make connections in the school community, and those wanting to build English language or communication skills. Through project-based learning, conversation, and volunteerism, this course emphasizes the importance of culture and community. We will be using film, popular texts, and real-world contexts to grow our learning and communication strategies in order to overcome challenges. This course would be available to any Grade 10, 11, or 12 student looking to enhance their English language learning through diversity.

(5 – 10 credits)

NEW RAP Opportunity

Introduction To Residential HVAC – Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning 

By Bill Turnham

There is a growing shortage of HVAC technicians in North America due to a lack of awareness about this thriving industry – leading industries are projecting a 40% deficiency in technicians across North America over the next decade. This program aims 

to introduce students to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – an industry that is essential to everyday life in Alberta. Furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, hot water tanks, heat pumps, and boilers are examples of the equipment that HVAC Technicians work on and install every day. Students will get hands-on experience in all aspects of the business: shop, service, installations, and office in order to provide a broad scope of the opportunities and skills in the career. Students engaged in this experience would also be short-listed for full-time summer employment.

Film (SL)/Film Studies 25

By Thomas Wishloff

This course aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. Through the study and analysis of film texts, and practical exercises in film production, students develop critical abilities and an appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film. Students are challenged to acquire and develop critical abilities and an appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film. Students are challenged to acquire and develop critical thinking, reflective analysis and the imaginative synthesis through practical engagement in the art, craft, and study of film.

(5 credits)

Aboriginal Studies 30

By Suraiya Rampuri-Ranson

The aim of Aboriginal Studies is to promote the development of positive attitudes in all students towards Indigenous peoples. The course is based upon the exploration of multiple perspectives that shed light on the past, present and future of Indigenous peoples both here and abroad. For all students, the program can serve to build an awareness of and respect for the histories, cultures, and contributions of Indigenous peoples as a unique foundation to the society we are a part of. Importantly, this course can also serve to enlighten and contribute to a discussion of Indigenous perspectives on issues of national and global significance. Through various approaches in demonstrating understanding, students will be challenged to develop communication skills while also building capacity for analysis, argumentation, and the process of reconciliation both personally and societally.  Note: This course can be used as an entrance requirement for post-secondary.

(5 credits)