Rutherford Rink


Just north of the Johnny Bright School playground, the same site used for the temporary snowbank rink in 2019


A permanent rink that provides the community a place to make connections with neighbours 


A survey of community residents confirmed the rink as the top priority of league resources


We are currently in the planning stage and expect to start skating in December 2023

What community members are excited about

Project Update

The Rutherford Rink Project has Five Phases:


We are excited about sharing the progress of the Heritage Point Community Rink.

We are currently in the CONCEPT PHASE, which is where we will present to the City of Edmonton to establish the readiness of the project to move from the concept to the design phase. Projects are reviewed for readiness to begin design work and complete a municipal improvement agreement that will define the provision of municipal support/oversight through the life of the project or for the provision of the improvement.

We are still aiming to be skating by Christmas 2023.

When we complete the Concept Phase, we will move on to the DESIGN PHASE where we prepare the project for implementation. This involves working with the Project Manager and Design Consultant to prepare the design and construction drawings and making sure the funds are in place for permits and any costs associated with the Design Phase.

We are estimating that we will need about $1,000,000 to create this rink, and so far we have secured over $400,000. We will be setting up a GoFundMe account where donations from the community can be made, and would love to hear any fundraising ideas you may have. We are working on ways to recognize those that contribute, these ideas range from naming rights of the rink to a donor plaque. We would love your feedback if you have unique ways to recognize contributions that would increase donations.

Thank you for taking the time to get caught up on where we are in this journey, and we really appreciate those that are helping get to the finish line.

Estimated Construction Costs

$975,000 - $1,100,000

How can you help?


We will need to raise $300,000 with our Community and Corporate Fundraising Campaign.

Contact us if you have any unique fundraising ideas or just click the button to donate.

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General Inquiries​

If you have any ideas for the rink, ideas to help raise money, or just want to tell us why you are excited about this project, send us a note!

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